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Dental Bonding Phoenix AZ

Young black man smiling on a blue background Everyone should be able to trust their smile. That being said, no one has perfect teeth. When you start finding yourself making excuses why you shouldn’t be smiling, it may be time to consider a cosmetic dental procedure, like dental bonding, to give you your confidence back. Dental bonding is a powerful cosmetic and restorative procedure that allows us to fix your natural teeth that may have some structural or cosmetic issues.

What is tooth bonding?

When we talk about tooth bonding, we are referring to the process of applying a composite dental compound to imperfections on your teeth. Once applied, this compound is hardened it will function as a part of your natural tooth. Because the composite resin is mixed in our office, we can match it’s color to your teeth perfectly.

How is dental bonding accomplished?

The first step in the process to place dental bonds on your teeth would be to mix the composite resin to match the coloration of your teeth. The composite compound is a mixture of glass, plastic, and a resin that is specially formulated to harden when exposed to a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light. Once we have the resin mixed, we can begin to prepare your tooth or teeth to receive the bonding agent. We will have to add some texture to the otherwise smooth surface of your tooth for the bonding agent to have a way to stick properly to your tooth. To roughen the surface, we will make some very fine scratches using a few different dental tools.

Once the tooth has been prepared to receive the dental bond, we will begin applying the composite to the surface of the tooth. This composite has a putty-like texture that allows us to mold it easily into the shape that will look most like your natural tooth. Once we have the composite in the shape that looks most natural, we will add some texture to the resin and any finishing touches that need to be made before setting it in place permanently with a special ultraviolet light.

Once the dental bond is hardened with the ultra violet light, it is set in place permanently and will help you to eat and speak as you normally would.

Reasons You Need Dental Bonding

There are some reasons that people end up needing dental bonds. Dental bonds are an extremely cost-effective way to breathe new life back into a smile that has seen better days. Dental bonding is most commonly used to restore teeth that have been chipped and cracked, but there are lots of other things dental bonding can restore. Dental bonds can help to even out spacing issues or make teeth that appear too small, larger. As a bonus, the composite material that is used to make dental bonds is extremely stain resistant.

If you would like to learn more about dental bonds, please give us a call at (602) 789-3799 today.
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