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Dentures can enhance your look and ability to chew after the loss of your teeth. When a patient no longer has any healthy teeth remaining, they do have options that will allow them to regain chewing function, assist with speech issues that arise after the loss of teeth, and enhance their look. Working with Dr. Schwei, and our team at Premier Valley Dental, we can examine your needs, make recommendations, and walk you through the process of learning to regain function with dentures.

Dentures are a molded plastic set of white teeth resting in plastic pink gums. They are a prosthetic device that we recommend when the patient is without teeth. Without any hard structure to attach to, dentures are designed to rest over the ridge of gums and are then retained in place using a method of suction, or an adhesive that can be purchased over the counter at any drug store. Additionally, there are options available for permanent retention through the surgical insertion of dental implants. Dr. Schwei is happy to review all of your options with you.

Patients find significant relief from dentures when they have lost their teeth, dentures are known to:

•  Fill out the Facial Structure:When a patient has missing their teeth, it can significantly alter the look and shape of their face. Dentures can help provide some structure after the structure has been lost.
•  Allow for Improved Chewing:Teeth are necessary to fully masticate your food. Without teeth, the patient is resigned to eating only soft, mushy food. Loose dentures can add some function, and surgically retained dentures will help to fully restore your chewing function.
•  Enhance and Improve your Speech:One of the first things a patient who has lost their teeth will notice, is a change in their speech. Our ability to speak does rely on how our tongue touches our teeth and the air our teeth blocks when we speak. Dentures can help regain the speech pattern that the patient is used to, it can take some time and practice, but will improve.
•  Confidence:The loss of teeth is more than just frustrating, it can be very embarrassing. Studies have shown that people with missing teeth do socially pull back. Dentures can help increase damaged confidence, especially for patients who have their dentures permanently retained.

Implant Retained Dentures

Upgrade the comfort and function of your dentures by permanently stabilizing them with dental implants. Using between 4 and six implants on each arch, we can permanently stabilize your denture, helping it look and feel as natural as the teeth you once had. Besides having solid teeth that remain in place, implant retained dentures help keep patients jawbone stronger and more robust than patients with loose dentures. Ask Dr. Schwei for more information.

We can help you replace your missing teeth, and provide the look, feel and function of your natural teeth. For questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact Premier Valley Dental at our Phoenix location. Our staff is happy to assist you. (602) 789-3799
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